Kimberley Granite Quarries

Located approximately 35kms from the Fitzroy Crossing town site, in the West Kimberley region of Western Australia, the project covers approximately 3,700 hectares of granite outcropping formations, with an approved mining lease located just 4kms from the Great Northern Highway.

Kimberley Granite Quarries has been granted full mining approval from the Department of Minerals and Petroleum for the extraction of granite from the Fitzroy South Quarry site and is planning to deliver a wide range of high specification products from the granite source. The product range will include large +5 tonne armour material to finely crush and wash aggregates.

The company has spent a number of years working with the stakeholders and government departments to achieve full project ready status and is currently in discussions with a number of organisations to secure customer off-take commitments. Full site development will commence once the finalisation of contractual agreements is completed.

For more information visit the Kimberley Granite Quarries website;